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02/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Marxist Propaganda"

No reporting of war today... I want to concentrate on the more positive aspects of my life. Brad and I almost resorted to the "hard stuff" last night, the last refuge of two war-weary souls who want to push reality away for a few precious hours. Yes, I *am* talking about the Marx Brothers' movie "Duck Soup" with its unbelievably funny spoof-song "We're Going to War".

Now that's my kind of Marxist propaganda -- check out the sound bytes from various films offered by this site. Of course, my all-time favorite Marx Brothers' song is "Whatever it is, I'm Against it" from "Horsefeathers." As Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff (a/k/a Groucho Marx proclaims, "I don't know what they have to say./It makes no difference anyway./Whatever it is, I'm against it."

Best to all,

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