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02/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Starting the day with a cartoon"

On the Political Front:

For a smile, I recommend Mark Fiore's cartoon about the color coded alert system (requires Flash player). Saving the world one color at a time!

Tom Ridge has announced that the orange alert will be reduced in the near future. Although he admits that the heightened status was based (at least partly) on fabricated information, he defends the orangification of America nevertheless. What a guy!

The United States is punishing Germany for opposing the invasion of Iraq by removing "all its troops and bases from there and end[ing] military and industrial co-operation between the two countries." Rumor has it that, upon learning of the intended pull-out of US troops, several nations -- including South Korea, the Phillippines and Saudi Arabia -- requested punishment as well. Perhaps worried that they might lose their place at the head of the queue, the German village of Neu-Isenburg are quickly waving "goodbye!" At least the US is not using the same accusation against Germany that it hurls at France -- namely, "don't you remember what what we did for you in World War II?!"

Meanwhile...a whole lot of backroom drama goin' on. Turkey is playing hardball. Turkey is demanding to send 60,000 to 80,000 of its own troops -- and not under US control -- into northern Iraq almost halfway to Baghdad. The Kurds in Northern Iraq, who are likely to use "regime change" as an opportunity to declare independence, are certain to view the Turks as invaders.

For those who wish to keep up with the doomsday clock from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists... Interestingly, the minute hand has not moved forward during the last year.

On the Personal Front:

Cold, cold, cold.

Best to all,

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