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01/01/2003 Archived Entry: "Happy New Year"

A happy 2003 to all!

For me, the New Year opens with the receipt of an advanced copy of "The Debates of Liberty: An Overview of Individualist Anarchism, 1881-1908," just out from Lexington Books, a member of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706, 1-800-462-6420. The official publication date is February, 2003. The Liberty referenced is Benjamin R. Tucker's periodical, which remains the classic 'zine of individualist anarchism. A link to "The Debates," complete with the scanned cover and a table of contents, should be up on the left-hand side of my home page soon.

Meanwhile, the anthology -- tentatively entitled "Trademark of Totalitarianism" -- on the dangers of a National I.D. is still at McFarland, awaiting publication...a long wait, I fear. I don't expect to hold the anthology in my hand before the end of 2003. The volume is another "edited by Carl Watner, with Wendy McElroy" production. My friendship with Carl remains one of the longest and most productive associations I've had in my career, dating back to The Voluntaryist days. "T of T" is the last book in the pipeline for quite a while because -- other than delivering on a commitment -- I will be focusing on articles and a new project with Mike Hassell, who is also a blast from my past, dating back to the Knowledge Products audio-documentary days. A list of the documentaries I wrote and worked on is available on my home page, along with ordering information.

This just in on ifeminists.com ... "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

I expect there will be war in Iraq by mid-February and, given the level of totalitarian insanity already imposed at airports and border crossings, I dread the prospect of crossing into the States after open conflict erupts. With so much family and so many friends down there, however, it is difficult to avoid "stepping over the line," as I now refer to my State-side visits. The next decade will be what a Robert Heinlein story once called "the crazy years" -- years during which all of society seems to convulse in a paroxysm beyond reason or prediction. (BTW, a friend who knows her well, tells me that Heinlein's widow is quite ill. I send her my best wishes.)

And, now, at 2:00 a.m. of a new year, I'm getting to work...


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