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12/28/2002 Archived Entry: "Waiting for ifeminists.com"

To begin on a humorous note...David Barry on the economy. Humor is becoming a scarce commodity -- one I actively seek out and pass on to friends.

I continue to listen to shortwave radio and to scour alternative press sources on the Internet (especially anti-war.com) for real information on Iraq and North Korea as opposed to the pre-packaged "major" news coverage that is an embarrassment. There seems to be a growing weariness in the tone of foreign presses, especially European ones -- a fatigue born from months of opposing Bush rhetoric and intransigence. I doubt if there is sufficient will to resist a war with Iraq.

Still no news about ifeminists.com. Everything is set up for a clean transfer over to another 501(c) foundation but -- for reasons that did not seem to encumber Bureaucrash's similar and rapid transfer -- the ifeminists.com situation is dragging on and on. I'll post a notice as soon as I get a straight answer.

Stay warm and safe,

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