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11/06/2002 Archived Entry: "November 6th"

Greetings in this post-election world:

I had hoped for a political gridlock, in which no one party, no one agenda could write its own ticket... Poof, in smoke! Thank God I'm lucky in love and cards, 'cus politics ain't it. Republicans dominate -- the House, the Senate, all near-future nominations to the Supreme Court... Democrats will probably learn a lesson from the election returns but it will be the wrong lesson. They have rolled over, like poodles, asking to have their bellies scratched for not being so unpatriotic as to oppose the war. The lesson they will probably take away is that they need to be more subserviant, less obstructive to plans for the mass destruction that masquerades as self-protection. A few will note that Al Gore has resurrected his political career precisely because he took a strong anti-war stand. The die-hards may rally around the shrinking ranks of anti-war skeptics -- shrinking because, Goddamn it!, Wellstone was a loss. Yes, this is *me* lamenting the loss of a politician. And this what I most dislike George W. Bush for. He makes me root for politicians who oppose his foreign policy. He makes me like Al Gore. Yuck-- I feel like scrubbing my disk drive with Lysol! If I have to like the Democrats, I may become a hermit. Not that I admire the conservatives any more.

More tomorrow...

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