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08/18/2002 Archived Entry: "L Neil Smith"

This announcement is posted at the request of libertarian SF novelist, L. Neil Smith:

"I am extremely pleased to announce that I have just signed a contract with a daring new publisher, Big Head Press, to adapt my 1980 novel, The Probability Broach for a 180-page, full-color graphic novel. The contract calls for me to have finished the script before Christmas, 2002.

The artwork will be done with his usual extraordinary style and grace by my close friend and colleague Scott Bieser, whose work appears all over the Internet. You can see some excellent samples at www.libertyartworx.com.

I'm presently having trouble communicating with many of the lists I've been on, so I'd appreciate your passing this on to them, and to anybody else who might be interested."

Good luck, L.Neil, not that you'll need it.

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